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1979 Town Coupe Unusual Noises From Underside Of Car

Hi Bill!

Congratulations for your great blog, it is so useful!

I'm Italian and I have a 79 Town Coupe' that has been to the Lincoln Land Shop.

Over the past there year I did several jobs to maintain it in good shape and I love it!
Some weeks ago a problem started. I hear a 'toc toc' under my feet! When the engine is at Idle, no problem and also when I put it in Drive with the brake on, no problem but as I start and the car runs I can hear this clunk improve as fast as the car goes under the feet in the center of the floor.

During the trip I tried to shift in Neutral with the car in movement and the noise disappeared! It seems only in traction and for sure in movement.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,



Hello Christian -

If you have an unusual sound from under the vehicle that changes with speed etc. as you describe it could well be a bad u joint as you suspect. To eliminate that possibility or prove that you have a bad u joint, the car must lifted on a hoist and the u joints properly and carefully inspected for looseness etc. At this time other parts such as engine, transmission mounts and exhaust can also be checked out.