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1971 Mark III Blower Motor Removal

Hi Bill -

Could you tell me the correct way to remove the blower motor on a 1971 Mark III. Does the metal apron need to be completely removed? If so, how does it come out?



Hello Larry -

The blower motor on a 1971 Mark III is not removed from behind the right front wheel splash shield. It is removed from inside the vehicle through the recirc door inlet area which is located in behind the right side kick panel. The complete recirc door assembly which includes the duct elbow must be removed in order to gain access to the blower motor. This procedure will be explained in detail and possibly along with drawings in the Shop Manual. A Shop Manual is a great asset and in most cases a "must have" when performing your own repairs on a car. We of course have the manuals and the necessary parts available if you will need them.