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1962 Continental Steering Issues

Hi Bill,

I Have a problem with my steering on my 62 Lincoln, went to pull away from the curb and the steering wheel just went free wheel. I could just keep turning it and it is not engaged to the steering shaft? Could you suggest a possible problem and how I can get the steeling wheel apart. Not sure how to get the center cover off so I can start exploring the problem. I am worried that I might do some damage if I force it, or do it the wrong way. The steering wheel seems to flop slightly around as I turn it as well. Looking forward to a possible cause.




Greetings Dale -

The steering wheel is removed with a "steering wheel" puller as outlined in the service manual. I would not advise you to perform any repairs though unless you are familiar with the procedures. The steering wheel rarely separates from the shaft unless the driver completely ignores some previous severe looseness in the steering column area. There are other more certain possibilities to examine first that can be inspected without disassembling anything. These are the steering shaft Coupler above the steering box, the steering box Mounts and any parts in the steering linkage under the car. A good mechanic can diagnose and locate the problem for you in a very short time. I would advise you to visit one in the event that you cannot easily find the problem yourself.