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1997 Town Car Starting Issues

Bill -

Recently my 97' Town Car has been having issues starting, especially when cold. I'll have to turn it over a few times and when it does start it sputters a bit before it roars to life. Any idea what might be happening?




Leo -

What have you done so far to correct this issue? Do you know the tune up maintenance history of the car and basic engine condition? If this information is unknown you should begin by performing basic tune up procedures which will include new quality high tension wiring and spark plugs as well as engine filters and battery condition etc. A possible neglected engine at 16 years old regardless of mileage will display exactly the symptoms that you are describing. If the above is found to be in good order then a visit to an automotive shop near your location that is skilled in the diagnosis and repair of the electronic engine controls etc. of these engines will be necessary in order to avoid guessing and replacing parts that are already in good working order.