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1966 Continental Sedan Window Relay Questions

Hi Bill,

I have a question regarding the power window relays in my 1966 Lincoln Continental 4 door sedan, the master safety relay specifically. I am in the middle of getting all my power windows functional again. I have gotten all my switches back from being rebuilt (except the drivers side master control) and I tried testing a few out but they didn't work. I wasn't concerned about the switches being faulty (they aren't) so I have been chasing the electrical issue. All four up down relays are good, but when it came time to test the Safety relay I unfortunately discovered that it wasn't even there! My questions!..

1. Could this prevent all the switches from working (again I have only tested the three door controls I have gotten back). I wasn't sure if it acted like an open circuit in the system or something, I'm kind of electric impaired. That being said, is there any other things I should trouble shoot (other than motors which I know are good)

2. After 4 months of owning the car I'm starting to believe that the 66 Continental is the hardest to find parts for. I have looked everywhere for that relay and I found one for $175, and I came across Lincoln Land which rebuilds but it is a mandatory exchange. Do you guys have 1 that I could buy? or what would you recommend doing? I appreciate you letting me pick your brain on the matter.



Hello Greg,

Without the power window safety relay the windows will only work when the By-pass switch is activated along with one of the window switches. On a complete working system the windows will also operate with the key in the Run or Acc. position. We certainly can supply you with a P/W safety relay if yours is missing but are you looking for this relay in the correct location? Call Lincoln Land and ask for Al. He will advise you exactly where this relay is located and at the same time be able to give you details of our replacements. Do you have a Service Manual with a correct wiring diagram?