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1965 Continental Convertible Power Window Relay

Good afternoon Bill,

I'm currently in year two of a major restoration/build of a 1965 Continental Convertible. Most of the OEM parts we've bought came from you guys. Powertrain and Drivetrain have been upgraded to a Fuel Injected 521 Big Block Ford, GM 4L80E, and a Ford 9". The dash has been customized and we're about ready to finish the build just in time for the upcoming 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. My question to you is, where is this window safety relay? I've been searching all over this thing and with all the new equipment, it has been rather interesting. I've come to the conclusion that the only reason my window system isn't fully operational is this safety relay. The windows will only work with the bypass. We have zero ignition power at any switch, which from what I gather, gets its source from the safety relay. I've read it's located behind the glove box, by all the circuit breakers on the right kick panel, near the A-Post, under the passenger fender well, etc. Well, behind the glove box consists of a Vintage Air A/C Unit and the dash has been fully digitized. Zero factory vacuum systems remain in the vehicle, including the tilt and door locks. So the old plugs still exist and at the moment just hanging until I can complete the rest of the wiring.

I appreciate your time,



Hi Randy -

That is an ambitious project. The original power window safety relay on a 1965 Lincoln is located behind the right kickpad panel near the passenger area foot well. The easiest access however is to remove the right splash shield behind the right front wheel. The relay can be found near the power antenna area.