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1975 Mark IV Autolamp & Clock issues and follow up

Hi Bill

I'm writing from Switzerland and I find your blog very useful, however, i did not find the answer for my two kinda stupid questions.

My car is a 1975 Mark IV that has been imported to Switzerland when new, and its still in great shape. Its really an eye catcher compared to all those tiny little cars we have in europe ;-)

However, it has a few little issues. One of them is that the autolamp system is deactivated. Back in 75, Swiss authorities considered this illegal and had it deactivated. It always disturbed me, and as i had to service the blower motor now i bought the car shop manual and had a look at the autolamp. All the components are there: sensors, amplifier, even the rubber knob at the headlight switch. All the wiring seems to be where it should and the lights work perfectly when operated manually. I suspect that they removed the autolamp fuse, but i simply cannot find it. I felt like an idiot kneeling and lieing in that car and just not finding that damn fuse. So my very simple question: can u tell me where i find my fuse in this car?

The second issue is the clock. Its not running anymore. Some years ago, it moved a tiny little bit from time to time, but for at least 2 years its dead. I do not really care, but as i have all the dash removed now i wanted to see if its simply a dirty contact or another easy fix. In the manual its written that I have to reach under the instrument panel and disconnect the speedometer cable connector to remove the instrument cluster. I see the cable and the connector, but I cannot disconnect it. Is there a special trick to do it? I realised already that most of the connectors in my car are strong as hell, but I'm afraid to apply brute force to the speedometer cable...

Many thanks from a great Lincoln enthusiast -



Severin -

You may find another in line fuse for the automatic headlight dimmer near the fuse panel.... We have enclosed a diagram for your fuses. The speedometer cable is disconnected from the speedometer head behind the dash by depressing the nylon tab at the head and pulling back. Hope this helps....

Bill -


Hey -

Just a little feedback..
it all went totally easy after knowing what i had to do :-)

yesterday i put together everything, and now the autolamp as well as the original clock are working again. Thanks!!