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1966 Issues Bleeding Brakes

Hi Bill,

I'm going nuts on a '66 HT. The old master cylinder was shot and in need of replacement so I installed (2) new Centric units and a new Raybestos unit. The problem I'm having is bleeding it.

I've been at this (cars) for 30+ years and have probably replaced 100+ master cylinders but have never run into a problem like this old slab-sided beast is throwing at me. I simply CANNOT seem to get the air out of the system. All three master cylinders have exhibited the exact same problem. I have the FSM here for it and measured the push rod and is to the factory spec (I think it was .995 inches). I used a piece of tape to hold the button on the metering valve down and started at the right rear.

On the right rear, I just kept getting more and more air while bleeding (with the first unit I bled almost 2 quarts thru the system). I finally gave up on that cylinder but got the same results with the following two. Even using the bleeder screw on the master cylinder, with each pump of the pedal, I get a fresh shot of air followed by fluid. It almost seems that it's sucking air past the piston seal on every return stroke of the master cylinder.

All the brake lines have been replaced and I've been over and under this beast multiple times and cannot find any leaks anywhere... Any suggestions before I admit defeat???????????????????????




Hello Lee -

The following is for a 1966 Lincoln with the original brake equipment, and assuming that replacement parts are correct. We do not depress the metering valve when bleeding because of the risk of a future leak at the valve. The valve would then need replacement or overhaul. We usually bench bleed the master cylinder and then with an assistant at the brake pedal we bleed the four corners in sequence until all of the air is purged. If you have tried this without success please contact us by telephone and ask for Erik or Bill for further advice.


Bil & Erik