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Thanks and greetings from Norway

Hello Bill!

My name is Per Rogstad and live in Norway. My hobby for many, many years has been old American cars.

I am now 64 years old and the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of owning a 1972 Mark IV, Two Mark V (1977 and 1979) and a gorgeous 1977 Town Coupe that I own now.
I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I am for your service. I mostly have had contact with John, but also with Chris when spare parts to be purchased! I am very impressed by your service, friendliness and all the responses I have got regarding all the questions I have had until now! I am proud to be a customer - and you in Lincoln Land Inc. can be very pleased by the employees .. I MEAN IT!. I've never got better service and friendliness as with you! Customer satisfaction must be high with you?

As mentioned, American cars my whole life has been my big hobby, but a while back, I unfortunately got cancer (prostate cancer). I am now under treatment with chemotherapy and it seems to be going well. I had planned a trip to the U.S. next summer for among other things visiting you at Lincoln Land, hire a car and then run the Lincoln Highway. It has been my greatest wish, but I must postpone this now. I love your country - and I am involved in a major exhibition in Norway 4th of July every year. (A salute to your wonderful country - and to the independence day)... This year, we collected over 3,000 American vehicles in a small town called Lillestrom. (about 10 miles north of Oslo). There were also 4 cars from USA who participated in this event. Next year there will be many, many more. If that`s the case, It will be a great event! - I really look forward to that.

I hope I get many happy years together with family and friends in the milieu of American cars here in Norway. I also hope that I get well soon.!
My best wishes to you for the future, I wish you luck. (By the way; - I would really like to have a 1968 Lincoln convertible, but it becomes too expensive for me)...
Maybe we'll meet in Clearwater sometime next year. It is my desire now!

Say hello to John and Chris!

Per Rogstad


Greetings Per -

We at Lincoln Land were very pleased to receive your letter from Norway regarding your satisfaction with the excellent quality of service here at our locations in Florida. Happy customers such as yourself are very important to us and your positive letter today certainly made us glad to be in this business of supplying parts and service to Lincoln lovers everywhere.

All of us were sorry to hear that you are in treatment at this time and will not be able to visit us as soon as you would like to. Be assured though that when you are well enough to make the trip you will be well received here by all of us. We wish you a speedy recovery Per.


Chris, George, John, Bill and all of the staff at Lincoln Land