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1977 Lincoln Dies While Driving

I am having the same problem where I can go about 15 miles and the car dies. I have been recently told that it was a manufacturing problem or a design problem where is the fuel line is too close to to the engine, which causes it to vapor lock. I have been instructed to put a brass t fitting on the fuel line coming out of the fuel pump and another T fitting to the fuel line going into the fuel tank and then running a new line from the back to the front connecting the to t fittings. I have not done this yet it seems that one should be able to move the fuel line away from the engine under the hood instead of running such a long line from back to front.

I also just noticed a little rubber hose nipple coming on of the rear wheel well appearing to come from the gas tank filler neck not sure what it is or what its function is.


There is no factory design or defect on a 77 Lincoln that promotes fuel system Vapor Lock. I have no idea what is causing your problem as you describe but if you believe it to be fuel related you need to put the fuel system back to the original factory state and then perform the proper fuel delivery tests as shown in the shop manual. An engine that "dies" or shuts off after 15 miles can do so because of one of several conditions or faults so therefore there is no room for guessing. If anyone thinks that it is a fuel issue you need to "prove it" first with a proper diagnosis in order to repair it. We hope this helps.