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1970 Mark III Seat And Horn Issues

Hi Bill-

The power seat and horn went dead on my 70 mark III earlier this wk. Then the new battery went dead. Now when I jump start it, the horn wont shut off (even after the motor turns over and car starts).

Any ideas would be most appreciated!




Tom -

The best way to diagnose a horn that is on at all times is to unplug the wiring harness that runs up the steering column to the horn switch and the turn signal switch. The most common cause of this condition is a sticking or faulty horn switch and your car probably does have the "rim blow" steering wheel switch. If the horn stops blowing with that wiring unplugged this will tell you that you have a problem in the steering column or switch. If not, you will need to trace the horn circuit with the use of the correct wiring diagram. Having a dead battery experience will not cause the horn circuit to become faulty but inadvertently crossing wires etc. in the horn circuit during any other electrical repairs however will very likely cause a problem. I hope that the above helps you to a speedy diagnosis.