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1969 Mark III New Owner Questions

Hi Bill,

Just bought my first Ford: a 1969 maroon Mark iii with 36k original miles. Car had been sitting a while and still had the original wires cap and rotor on it so I gave it a complete tune up. Runs almost perfectly with great power and smooth idle. However the idle smells a bit rich. Is there an idle mixture adjustment screw on the carb? I see one big and one small screw in the front but didn't want to touch anything without knowing what they did.

Lastly the passenger side window is ever so slightly misaligned versus the back 1/4 glass window. Is there a way to adjust this?




Hi Adam -

Your 69 Mark III is a great car to own. The carburetors on these cars certainly are adjustable and there are several adjustments as well as idle mixture adjustments. If you are unfamiliar with carburetors as you indicate you will need the shop manual to review the operation and settings for your carburetor. If your engine has the original style carburetor installed on it this service manual will guide you through the various adjustments and probably save you much time and money as well.

The side windows also have many adjustments to change the up stops, fore and aft movement as well as angles of operation etc. One other common window problem with vehicles of that era is that the glass can become detached from the regulator parts and may cause an alignment issue that only "appears" to be an adjustment correction but is in fact a glass that has separated and is now out of position. Accurate diagnosis for this alignment condition is therefore very important. Again, the shop manual would be a must for you in order to properly review and perform all of the many possible window adjustments.

If you do not have the manual or would prefer only copies of these sections from the manual on these two issues please contact George or Chris at our office and we can arrange to send them to you. The complete Shop Manual is strongly recommended though in order to address these and future problems that you may encounter.