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1959 Continental With Seized Drums

Dear Bill,

Can you give some advice how to loose seized brake drums ? I have an 59 Continental I have owned some 15 years. Now the car has been unused for couple of years and the right front brake drum is totally rusted and seized.

Can you give me any tips,because I don't want to demolish the drum.

I appreciate your answer.

Best Regards

Mr.Jarkko Partanen


Hello Jarkko,

Sometimes they can be frustrating. Assuming that the problem is that those right front brake shoes have become bonded to the drum and that the bearings are not the problem you can try the following. If it is possible you can try to grind (with a small grinder) the heads off of the pins that hold the brake shoes to the backing plate from the outside (inboard side) of the plate. These pins are the ones that are held on with the small coil springs from the inside of the drum. If a grinder is not possible they may possibly be chiselled or drilled out. Hopefully this will release the shoes from their mounting and the drum can then be worked off along with the shoes. Of course there will be some brake hold down hardware etc. to replace. Hope this helps.