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1969 Continental General Questions

Bill -

I was lucky enough to find this car in great condition, running, with only a small amount of things to fix. I bought the 5 volume 1,500 page shop manual, I'm waiting on the original owners manual, and an "original shop manual additional book with the vacuum line diagrams". I'm also waiting on a "1969 car preliminary shop manual" I'm not a mechanic, but I've always performed my own regular maintenance and installed my stereo systems, alarms etc. I cannot even find the fuse box on this car & I don't want to damage any of the original interior trying to find it. This car has been sitting since 2005 and was not prepped for storage. Although it does start & run I'm going to do the following: change oil &filter, new air filter, new fuel filter(drain tank & blow out the main fuel line if needed), flush radiator, new failsafe thermostat & gasket, install a gauge cluster(oil pressure, water temp, volts), have the transmission flushed, new shocks(front & rear), new 850cca battery, new tires, lube & new gasket/seal for the rear differential gear, new break pads(drum & disc), flush brake lines/new brake fluid, install a new pertronix electronic ignition3 & flamethrower3 coil, eventually plan to put a new carburetor on, and have the complete AC system replaced.

The spark plugs, wires & distributor cap all look brand new. The c6 transmission had a complete rebuild in 2000, rebuilt carb(at Holly), new steering gear box in 2005, new master cylinder, new water pump, new intake in 1999.

I haven't driven it since I bought it, and don't plan to until I get a few more things checked off my list. If you have any additional manuals or diagrams available that I need, I'm willing to purchase them. My goal is to restore this car the right way and not mess anything up along the way. After finding your forum online and reading your posts, you are definitely the right knowledgeable guy to seek advice from. Any advice, tips, or general knowledge you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Bill...!




Hi Ben -

Congratulations on your recent 69 Lincoln purchase. They are really a good choice for a well built quality car. The fuse box is located to the right of and configured to the same padded shape as the glovebox. It unsnaps from the top and pivots open on a hinge (piano hinge) as does the glove box. If you have any specific questions regarding any other areas please contact us. If you would like to purchase other information please call and ask for George and he will advise you what we have available.