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1966 Lincoln Brake Questions


I have a 66 Lincoln I got from a field in Oregon. I am working on the brakes and when I press the pedal it stays down. I hear air when I push it but no spring back. Does it just need bled or is something busted. It was damp but not a lot of fluid in the master.had to put a new rubber hose kit on the calipers. Any ideas?



Hi Anthony -

Your 66 Lincoln has a great braking system. The front brakes are very ample four piston disc design while the rear are the large drum style. As far as the condition of the brakes on your car is concerned your first sentence "I got it from a field in Oregon" says it all. If you have no knowledge of any previous brake maintenance and the car has been sitting in a field for an unknown period of time the complete brake system should be disassembled, inspected and serviced as necessary. Many of the movable hydraulic parts along with their seals can be seized, leaking or failing. The disc pads, rear shoes, rotors and drums and all lines and hoses etc. will be included in this inspection. When the system is serviced properly and is brought up to par you will be happy to have very safe brakes. If you plan on driving the car safely this is the only way that we would advise anyone to approach the braking issues as you describe them.