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New 1966 Owner has questions...

Hi Bill,

My name is Brendon and I have recently purchased my land yacht from Modesto California for $2500 and it runs like a champ. I live in Vegas so I had a question about my oil leaking. Is there a thicker oil or something I can add to make a quick fix instead of dropping the oil pan and putting a new gasket?

The second question is, I just replaced my battery because it wasn't giving me enough cranking amps but held 12 volts, all my windows and everything worked before I replaced it with a new battery but now with the new battery installed my windows are very sluggish and my alternator light is always on would you have an idea as to why that would happen? And my final question, I don't have the window bypass switch or a core is there a way to bypass it? Or do I just leave nothing in it?? To allow all my windows to work.




Hi Brendon -

Good to hear that you are enjoying your recently purchased 66 Lincoln. They are great cars.

You don't say exactly where your oil leak is or how bad it is but using thicker oil in an engine to slow an oil leak really makes no sense because if you thicken it somehow enough to alleviate some of the leak it will probably soon prove detrimental to the actual necessary lubrication that some internal engine parts require. Thickening oil to slow down an oil leak is therefore not recommended. What does make sense though is to have a real good look at where the oil is leaking in order to find out if you have more than one leaking issue. Some of these leaks may be easy and inexpensive to repair.

Your second question says that everything worked fine before you changed the battery and now some of your electrical is sluggish. With that information I can only conclude that you have installed another battery that is in poor condition or that necessary wires were not reinstalled during the repair or that the alternator or regulator was damaged. Because this appeared immediately after the battery was changed you will need to carefully back track and recheck the installation and the related wiring. Keep in mind that all of the original ground wires are also very important here. If nothing is found to be wrong, the battery and the charging system would then need to be properly tested with the correct equipment.

Eliminating the power widow lockout/bypass switch is possible but is not necessary because we should have this part available for you. For further advice on this switch please contact Al at our warehouse and he can advise you according to what you want to do with this switch.