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63 Brake Light Issues

Hi Bill,

It's starting to warm up here in MN and I'm back at it slowly restoring my 63' Continental. I can't seem to get the brake lights to work. Signals work and tail lights work. I've read on a couple forums that there is another fuse box connected to the headlamp switch but I can't get the switch out underneath the dash to check the fuses. Am I going about this the right way? Any advice would be of great help. Thanks Bill!




Hi Zac -

The best way to begin a check of the brake light circuit is to test for power at the switch itself and then with the brakes applied test for power from the sw. into the turn signal sw. From there the power should come out of the t. s. sw. to the brake lights. The brake light sw. or the turn signal switch may be the culprit here if the wiring is o/k. A 12v test light and a correct wiring diagram for your vehicle is a big help. Please contact us further if you would need any diagrams or parts for the repair.