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1989 Lincoln Continental Electrical Short

Hello Bill,

I live in the Bay Area and own Lincoln Continental 1989. Local mechanics just charging lots of money and problem still persists. I am so confused. I have electrical shortage recently which burned my radio and knocked out normal idle valve operations. It was rebooted and radio fused was changed. However here is whats happening. When driving car shows high voltage increase and decrease. Its like going up and down up and down with message "charge system. All became bright and then back to normal. Heating unit on and off. It does not affect driving though, but the last time car stopped on the freeway with my whole family aboard. What would you recommend? To change voltage regulator?

Would appreciate if you have a good advise,




Hi Max -

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with your 1989 Continental. Some of these electrical gremlins can be difficult to properly and quickly diagnose and can become quite costly. The problem worsens as the vehicle ages and the parts become scarce. All mechanics cannot of course be expected to be experts with all of the difficult quirks that these electronic systems in all makes of cars tend to develop as the vehicles become older. The trick is to find a good electrical shop that is able to and is willing to take the correct approach to successfully diagnose your Continentals issue.

The problems that you are presently experiencing could prove to be as simple as a loose critical body or engine ground circuit (loose wire) or it could be an alternator, electrical contact, bad battery or an engine management module. The idea is to correctly identify the problem in the shortest time. My advice for you is to find a known trusted and competent electrical shop that is close to where you are located. You should visit the owner or manager with all of your vehicle's repair history receipts regarding this matter for him to review in order to find out if his shop is in fact capable and willing to correct your issues. You may need to visit several repair shops before deciding on which one is correct for your car.

If you would wish to discuss this repair with Lincoln Land, please contact John Harroll here at 727-446-2193. he will be aware of your e-mail to us may be able to provide some further advice.