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1978 Mark Auto Lamp Issues

Hello Bill, and thank you for all your help in maintaining my vehicle.

I have an issue with the high beams on my 1978 Mark V Diamond Jubilee. The only time that they go on is when the lights are turned on with the high beams on.

If I put the headlights on with the low beams on, the high beams can not be activated by hitting the floor switch.

Also, if the high beams are on when I pull the headlight switch and I hit the dimmer switch on the floor to change to low beam, they can not be switched back to high beams.

The car has auto-dim and delay, and this also does not work with the high beams. I was told that there was a relay somewhere on the steering column that may be bad?

Thank you in advance.



Tony -

You will need to do some diagnostic investigation into the problem. If you go to "Search" section on this blog, type in "Auto Lamp" and you will find numerous similar posts that will help. If you are in need of a Shop Manual - which will help you greatly, please contact us.