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1978 Continental Fuel Concerns


I just recently bought a 78 Continental, the Diamond Jubilee Edition. I was wondering what octane of fuel I should use? So far I've been using 93 and all has been fine, but with the price of gas going higher and higher I was wondering if it's even necessary. I've looked all around the internet on this matter and haven't found any answers.




Hello Jimmy,

Your 1978 Lincoln was built to operate on regular fuel "of the day". In theory it should perform just fine with todays regular fuel if the engine is in good condition and in good tune. As we know however we are now faced with many fuel concoctions and cocktails that may or may not require some tuning to your engine in order to operate as with the older fuel. The best way for you to choose a good performing and economical fuel for your car is to try some regular gas from your favorite supplier. Pay attention to the engines performance and especially for the sound of excessive pinging. Because excessive pinging can be detrimental in time to the engine be prepared to compensate by adjusting the timing or to blend some higher octane fuel with the lower octane in order to achieve a nice comfort level for your engine and pocketbook.