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1969 Continental Cooling Questions

Hello Bill,

I came across your blog trying to source a radiator for my 69 Lincoln Continental with a 460 engine. I live in New York and deal with a lot of heavy traffic, stop and go. I am looking for something that would have better cooling performance/ efficiency. Do you think you would have any leads or suggestions on what to get. Any help would be appreciated. By the way your blog is great. It provides a wealth of information for people like myself. Thank you for your efforts.



Hi Fred,

We are pleased that you enjoy the blog. The only radiator used for your 69 should be of the three core design as used with factory A/C vehicles. If you somehow would need better cooling capacity the best and easiest way for you is to discuss the possibilities with some "well known and trusted" radiator shops in your area. The right shop will be able to custom build you one.

Having said that I will also say that the cooling systems in these 69's and most other Lincoln vehicles are very well designed and have proven to be more than adequate to handle any high temperature service in the U.S.A. However this is only true if the complete cooling system is well maintained in all respects. If some other component of your engine cooling system is faulty a larger capacity radiator will not pick up the slack. I hope that the above helps you and please feel free to contact us further regarding your 69 at any time.