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March 27, 2012

1969 Continental Cooling Questions

Hello Bill,

I came across your blog trying to source a radiator for my 69 Lincoln Continental with a 460 engine. I live in New York and deal with a lot of heavy traffic, stop and go. I am looking for something that would have better cooling performance/ efficiency. Do you think you would have any leads or suggestions on what to get. Any help would be appreciated. By the way your blog is great. It provides a wealth of information for people like myself. Thank you for your efforts.



Hi Fred,

We are pleased that you enjoy the blog. The only radiator used for your 69 should be of the three core design as used with factory A/C vehicles. If you somehow would need better cooling capacity the best and easiest way for you is to discuss the possibilities with some "well known and trusted" radiator shops in your area. The right shop will be able to custom build you one.

Having said that I will also say that the cooling systems in these 69's and most other Lincoln vehicles are very well designed and have proven to be more than adequate to handle any high temperature service in the U.S.A. However this is only true if the complete cooling system is well maintained in all respects. If some other component of your engine cooling system is faulty a larger capacity radiator will not pick up the slack. I hope that the above helps you and please feel free to contact us further regarding your 69 at any time.



March 26, 2012

General Advise For Autolamp Issues From Bill....

Hello Lincoln lovers -

When pursuing issues with the Autolamp and Auto Headlamp dimmer operation we advise to examine the circuit with the device switched to the Manual operation first. Many faults originate from the "easier to diagnose" manual side of the circuit and are wrongly deemed to be a difficult electronic issue. If a problem is found here in the manual position it can be corrected and the complete system may become perfectly operative again. Once the manual side is checked and found to be in working order you can then move to diagnosing the more complicated Automatic portion.

We cannot emphasize enough that a shop manual and wiring diagram is a must in order to help diagnose many of these electronic devices. Even if you are not doing your own repairs, your technician will appreciate the shop manual and schematics that you provide. The manuals can save you many dollars and time and if you ever sell your car they may prove to be a selling point.


Bill and the Lincoln Land Staff

March 23, 2012

Website Issues Now Corrected!

Everybody - thanks for your patience, Bill's Corner has been experiencing technical difficulties since mid January.

We have been answering the submitted questions directly - and have posted them as a group today.

Please feel free to email Bill with your questions - and hopefully the issues will not occur again....

The Lincoln Land Staff

1978 Mark Auto Lamp Issues

Hello Bill, and thank you for all your help in maintaining my vehicle.

I have an issue with the high beams on my 1978 Mark V Diamond Jubilee. The only time that they go on is when the lights are turned on with the high beams on.

If I put the headlights on with the low beams on, the high beams can not be activated by hitting the floor switch.

Also, if the high beams are on when I pull the headlight switch and I hit the dimmer switch on the floor to change to low beam, they can not be switched back to high beams.

The car has auto-dim and delay, and this also does not work with the high beams. I was told that there was a relay somewhere on the steering column that may be bad?

Thank you in advance.



Tony -

You will need to do some diagnostic investigation into the problem. If you go to "Search" section on this blog, type in "Auto Lamp" and you will find numerous similar posts that will help. If you are in need of a Shop Manual - which will help you greatly, please contact us.



1978 Continental Fuel Concerns


I just recently bought a 78 Continental, the Diamond Jubilee Edition. I was wondering what octane of fuel I should use? So far I've been using 93 and all has been fine, but with the price of gas going higher and higher I was wondering if it's even necessary. I've looked all around the internet on this matter and haven't found any answers.




Hello Jimmy,

Your 1978 Lincoln was built to operate on regular fuel "of the day". In theory it should perform just fine with todays regular fuel if the engine is in good condition and in good tune. As we know however we are now faced with many fuel concoctions and cocktails that may or may not require some tuning to your engine in order to operate as with the older fuel. The best way for you to choose a good performing and economical fuel for your car is to try some regular gas from your favorite supplier. Pay attention to the engines performance and especially for the sound of excessive pinging. Because excessive pinging can be detrimental in time to the engine be prepared to compensate by adjusting the timing or to blend some higher octane fuel with the lower octane in order to achieve a nice comfort level for your engine and pocketbook.



1966 Brake Light Switch & Rough Idle Issues

Hello Bill,

I just came across your blog, and first off, I wanted to say thank you for all the valuable information that you provide to Lincoln enthusiasts; just after reading a couple of posts and your responses it gave me a better understanding of what I'm looking for. My issue is this:

I have a 1966 Lincoln continental that I have owned for a couple years, the car is not a daily driver, just a weekend cruiser or special occasion vehicle. The car runs pretty good, other than a rough idle, and delay in throttle response if I'm at a traffic light.

The problem that I'm trying to currently fix I believe is the brake light switch, what happens is the brake light (driver side) stays on constantly! I've had to disconnect my battery every time I get out of the car to ensure that I won't drain my battery. I'm wondering is that the brake light switch? And if so would all I need to do is replace it, I was told that it's underneath the brake pedal or near the passenger side firewall? I have a shop manual but haven't had much time to look through it (original shop manual).

That's my main issue; other than that the car runs well, any advice about the brake light switch and the rough idle would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks again for the blog -



Greetings Nima,

We are happy that you are enjoying the blog. The first concern with a rough idle condition should be all of the basic tune up items and their adjustments. These will be spark plugs, high tension wires, ignition points and condenser etc. Next will be fuel and carburetion conditions. If any of these has been ignored for a long period of time the engine idle can be adversely affected. If all of the above are o/k the basic engine condition will need to be evaluated. This includes compression readings and valve condition, etc.

If the brake lights are remaining "on" with your foot off of the pedal the brake switch or its linkage could be suspect. The brake switch however operates the left and right side at the same time therefore I am concerned when you say that only the one side is sticking on. If this is so and your right side is not operating it suggests to me that your turn signal switch may also be faulty. The power from the brake light switch runs through the t/s sw. before going out to the brake lights. The wiring diagram in your manual should guide you further as you test the continuity of the circuit. If we can help you further with any advice or parts please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.



1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature - Message Center Fault

Hi Bill,

I'm the very proud and new owner of a great condition 1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature. I recently moved to the USA, with my family, from England (United Kingdom) on a 3 year Military tour and have indulged in what I view as a classic and great piece of US car history. Having read the owners manual over and over again everything on the car apart from the message center works. Can you recommend a good source for the car wiring diagrams or a reputable parts dealer or even provide advice on rectifying the message center fault? The electronic dash simply displays random lights rather than coherent numbers or symbols albeit the fuel gauge display and speedometer work fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.




Hi Paul,

Welcome to the U.S.A. and congratulations on the Lincoln purchase. The first advice that I will give you is to purchase the correct shop manual for your car. It will pay off big time for you in the future. At Lincoln Land we find that the electronic modules have been the faulty cause of your current issue and we have had success correcting the problem by substituting good units from our parts cars. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any of the parts at the present time. We will in the future therefore I would suggest that you acquire a manual and get acquainted with the electronics section. We would be pleased to send one to your address. Call us at your convenience to make arrangements.



77 Town Coupe Speed Control Issues - Update & Thanks!

Hi Bill!

Thank you so much!!!

I can tell you Bill.... I have never ever experienced that explanations has been so distinct in both words and documentations without a single cent to pay!!

Its totally unusual in Norway!! - Support gives you indeed an idea of what possible can be wrong in Norway too, but its way out of range or mind to demand documentations without pay for it.

I am so delighted and so satisfied with your support. We Norwegians has something to learn from you Bill!!

The way you explain the issue together with 8 pages of documentations, I suddenly saw "the whole picture".....

I will follow each step of your explanations.... I'm already on my way to the garage!!......

Thank You Sir!


Per Rogstad

77 Town Coupe Speed Control Issues

Hi Bill!

I`m from Norway and have purchased a beautiful 77 Lincoln Town Coupe. I have a little problem with the speed control. When I reach a speed of - lets say 50 miles and set the automatic speed control, the speed slowly increases. I was wondering if you could give me some advice for troubleshooting the issue.

I have been told its an issue due to the vacuum system - causes some tubes or leakages somewhere - or is it something else I should been looking into?

Looking forward to your response!


Med hilsen,

Per Rogstad


Per -

Congratulations an your recent Town Coupe purchase. The speed control does use vacuum but it does consist also of an amplifier, a servo unit and switches which are all electronic. The vacuum system for the speed control can easily be examined under the hood for leaks and cracks etc. but the problem that you are describing is usually caused by a faulty amplifier or the servo in our experience. The shop manual contains a section on the speed control that includes trouble shooting but may not show your exact symptom of slowly creeping to a higher speed in the "set" position. Here at Lincoln Land we sometimes substitute "good known" modules as part of the diagnosis in order to be accurate. Your vacuum circuit for the speed control should therefore be inspected first in all respects. As a courtesy we will include in our advice for you today a copy of the section of the manual that pertains to speed control. We will of course be available to you for further advice or parts etc. at any time.