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New Owner 1966 Continental

Getting a 66 coupe in a trade.. always liked the 66 my dad had several of them when i was a kid and i wish he was still around to ask this question to,... Is there anything outside of the normal stuff that i need to look out for on this car? it has a rebuilt engine that seems to run strong except the carburetor needs a rebuild. it as a little bit of a coolant leak coming from the fitting that is indeed the back of the intake manifold.. looks like it could be a gasket. other than that every thing works.. and the body isn't bad. no rot that i can see anywhere.. . it drives well and stops on a dime. needs exhaust but hell, i would replace that anyway.. the only thing that i think doesn't work right is the AC.. it is all there but there is no freon in it.. (are there any good R-12 replacements out there). i cant think of anything else to tell you.. except it seemed to be running a tad hot when i opened the hood.. but with an engine that size i can see heat would be an issue.. I have never messed with a MEL but i understand some of the differences but not all.. Is there anything i need to look out for or be aware of?

I am getting ready to move to Modesto CA.. and I want to make this car my daily driver so any tips you can give me for reliability i would appreciate it..

Thanks a ton! Glad you guys are here for us morons! lol

Omaha NE


Hi Mike -

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your 66 Lincoln purchase. It sounds like it has been looked after and is in real decent shape. You have already uncovered an exhaust problem and a coolant leak so rather than give you a long list of possible other problems I will make a few suggestions since you are moving to another part of the country.

Even though the brakes appear to be in good working order they should be inspected for that long road trip. The steering linkage, suspension and tires should also be checked and all worn parts and tires replaced. If you plan on keeping the car you should consider also purchasing the necessary Ford shop manuals as they can pay for themselves in a short time. The Lincolns are all built with many "state of the art" (for their day) luxury devices that can eventually fail in time. Not all cars have the same parts and systems fail so it is best to get some experience with your car and make a list of issues as they appear. You can then tackle these items one at a time. As I stated above, your car sounds like it was looked after so many of the usual issues may have already been addressed. There is a popular site available on the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club ( LCOC ). It is a website that can easily be found and you can read about the many problems that others have encountered and their repair procedures etc. I think that you will enjoy the reading and gain more knowledge on all years of Lincolns on this forum.

In my opinion there is no real substitute for the r12 refrigerant but there are several refrigerants that have proven to be acceptable to many owners. If you ask twenty people you could get twenty answers. When you are located at your new address you can ask the other owners that visit the many local car shows in your new location. They will be aware of what refrigerant product is acceptable and legal in that State.

We sure hope that the above helps you and if you need any parts or further advice for the 66 you can count on us at Lincoln Land to help you.