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1978 Continental Electrical Gremlins

Hello Bill,
I bought a 78 Lincoln Continental. I noticed that when I turn my key to the on position that my warning lights don't come on such as the engine, alternator, washer fluid, in dash blinkers, etc. I changed my fuses and accidentally got the radio to play. The car sat since 1996. I noticed that every time I start it, something else starts working like the power seats and power antenna. I'm no mechanic but could it be simple enough for me to figure out or should I go to a shop. I stumbled across this site tonight and I'm loving it already.




Daryl -

From your description of electrical issues and the fact that some accessories are starting to operate on their own as you try them it sounds to me like you have a variety of bad electrical contacts. The car has been stored for a lengthy period of time in an unknown atmosphere that seems to have caused this to occur. The only procedure that I can suggest at first glance is to select an non operating item and carefully trace its electrical power path. For instance power from the ignition switch in the run position exits on a red wire with a green tracer and leads to the alt. warning light circuit and fuse number three in the fuse box etc. Testing the electrical circuit should be done in a logical sequence and most definitely with the CORRECT wiring diagram at your side. With the correct 12v test light you or your technician should soon be able to locate and correct any open and or poor contacts that you find. We hope that the above will get you started in the right direction. If you need any further advice etc. please contact us at any time.