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1989 Town Car Poor Acceleration

Bill -

1989 Lincoln Town Car. Starts and runs rough. Gas smell under hood, believe it is fuel injector o rings, but don't think that is my biggest problem. Can get response from gas pedal in park, but in drive poor acceleration. Little or very slow response from engine, even when pedal to floor in drive gear. New plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel filter is one year old. Any suggestions?? Starts all the time, but may have to push pedal to the floor to start in morning.



Gerard -

Any fuel leaks are a priority as they can sometimes become dangerous in a very short period of time. Not knowing the history of your engine and because it has a sophisticated for its day "computerized engine management system" you will need the correct diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your problem. There are several sensors and controls as well as an EGR valve on your engine that may cause part or all of these symptoms and sometimes there can of course be more than one system failure.

For the above reasons I hesitate to hazard a guess that may send you down the wrong trail and strongly advise that you seek out a good Tune Up shop in your locality. In the long run you may be $s ahead. If you do require any parts, manuals or any further information do not hesitate to contact us.