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1965 AC Kicks In And Out

Hey Bill -

I have a 65 Lincoln Continental I have been putting together and now I am getting the AC working and if the AC is on and the fan is on high the fan kicks out and compressor stops running. I can turn blower speed fan switch to low and go back to high and it works again then kicks out again. If I leave on low AC keeps running OK I can unplug compressor and run the fan on high and will not kick off. The compressor is new and don't know what amps the blower motor needs to be at on high. Then say it has a circuit breaker instead of fuse but don't know were this is at to see if it is kicking out and resetting. Have you seen this concern.

Ron -


Hi Ron -

I agree with you on your diagnosis and that the circuit breaker is a good place to start testing. Use a 12v test light on each side of the breaker contacts when the a/c "cuts out" to find out if the breaker has actually failed. There are of course other possibilities such as too high a power draw from the blower or clutch coil but there is a good and better chance that the breaker has "fatigued" and will need to be replaced. This breaker feeds the a/c and heater circuit with a Brown wire and one Black Wire will be located behind the right kick panel inside the car. Test this breaker carefully and accurately as I have indicated and replace it if necessary with a new one. If the breaker tests o/k and does not open when the system cuts out the next step will be to test the blower switch as the a/c clutch power passes through this switch as well as the blower speeds. The whole a/c heater circuit receives power from the ignition switch and it also is a candidate for failure. In any case starting at the Circuit Breaker is a good any easy place to start. Please let us know how this works out for you and if any further advice, literature or parts are needed please contact us as needed.


Bill -