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1969 Mark III Right Hand Mirror

Dear Bill,

I have a '69 Mk III that has a right side remote mirror. I sent off for a Marti report on the vehicle and it didn't turn up on the option list as they said it was not even available from Ford, nor was it included on the original invoice for the vehicle.

The right side mirror assembly looks identical to the left side mirror assembly on my vehicle, only shaped differently. A left side mirror assembly could not have been mounted on the right side since it does not have the same unique mirror housing shape and angled mounting base.

For the Mark III's, the mirror base sculpturing is a continuation of the upper side chrome trim molding that runs the entire length of the vehicle. The chrome fender trim on both sides of my vehicle has been manufactured (not cut) to accommodate both mirror bases.

Both mirror assemblies on my vehicle look to be the same age and are identical to one another as far as fading, pitting and general chrome condition.

A remote knob is installed on the right side armrest exactly in appearance and location as the remote knob on the left side armrest. The car is black with the gray interior and the right side remote knob assembly looks identical to the factory installed one on the left side armrest, not added.

If it was not an available option, then somebody manufactured a uniquely designed mirror housing, base, upper trim molding and remote knob with cable for the right side of that car only. If it was not originally invoiced but available as an option, then I suspect that the right side door had been replaced with one that came with the mirror and a gray door panel/armrest at some point in the past, although it sure does look like the original door.

Could you shed a little light on this mystery?

Thank you for your time,



Hi Darren -

The right hand remote control mirror on the 1969 Mark III was indeed an option. Chris Dunn has advised me that he has seen it shown in the Dealer order catalogs. It was probably an item that was not overly promoted by Ford or the dealer sales people. This happens to some good factory options from time to time. The right hand remote mirror is a very desirable option to have on your Mark.

Al at Lincoln Land also reminded me that the left hand mirror can be dissassembled and reconfigured to serve as a right hand mirror. Many have done this and they work very well. If your mirror bodies are cast as solid left and right as you have stated please send us pictures and we will identify these for you. Enjoy your nice Mark III this summer.