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1963 Continenal Vapor Lock

Hi Bill,

I just read this Bill's Corner blog article and the problem described sounds familiar to me:


My problem is that when cold, my '63 Continental Convertible starts fine; but after parking it for a while, it won't restart until the engine is fully cooled again.

My fuel pump was replaced a few years ago (the invoice shows an "FP 6848" as the part) and it is missing the heat shield as described in the blog post.

It is also missing a return vapor line to the fuel tank - only 2 of the 3 hoses are connected.

(I've attached a photo of the fuel pump in the engine compartment for reference)

I'm wondering whether I should:
1) order the parts necessary to install a return vapor line (I have no vapor discharge valve)
2) order a heat shield (though the screw positions don't look like they'd match the aftermarket pump I currently have installed)
3) order a whole new pump and
4) or something else?
Your advice is much appreciated!

C.Y. Lee
1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible


Hello C.Y. -

Is your engine cranking o/k when hot? If not the starter and battery circuits must be checked and brought up to par. If the engine cranks fine while hot or warm but will not start then some basic tune up items need to be inspected (during the non start event). A fuel pressure and flow test should be performed and corrected as required as well as a complete ignition system inspection and tune up may be in order. An ignition system that has not been "tuned up" for some time will certainly cause hot start problems.

All of the fuel lines and hose problems should of course be restored as you are suggesting but your problem should be diagnosed properly in a logical order as described above. This will prevent unnecessary replacement of parts and extra expense. Your issues could well involve some of the items as indicated in your Lincoln Land Blog link but correct diagnosis is half the battle. I hope that the above gets you started in the right direction. We are available for further advice or any parts that you might need for your repair.