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June 29, 2011

1968 Continental Issues With Acceleration

Hey Bill -

My name is Alfred and I read your post and I still couldn't find the right one for me so I decided to ask my own question.

I own a 1968 Lincoln Continental with a 462 Engine. I'm having an issue with either the Carburetor or vacuum related. When I got the car it wasn't running, and had many leaks within the cooling system. The problem I'm having is that when the vehicle is being driven and I begin to accelerate, the car acts like it wants to die out and shut off.

It starts up great and idles fine. Please help me... I believe I might need a vacuum diagram for the car.




Hi Alfred -

Welcome to the Blog. Those 68 Continentals are really great cars. I drive a real nice 68 coupe in Florida for several weeks in the winter. The car belongs to Chris Dunn's Dad. I drive it in order to exercise it and have any maintenance work performed on it that it may need.

When you receive one that isn't running as you describe there is a good chance that there could be many issues that need attention in the "tune up" and carburetion area etc. Not knowing the history of your Lincoln or how long it sat unused, I can offer the following areas as "starting" points. A complete tune up which would include Distributor points, Condenser, High Tension wiring, Vacuum Advance and Spark Plugs should be performed. A sharp hesitation on acceleration as you seem to be describing is an indication of a worn out accelerator pump within the Carburetor. This will likely lead to a carburetor overhaul and fuel delivery inspection. The above basic items are good places to start as they must of course be in top working order on any engine.

You also express a need for an engine area vacuum diagram, while there is not a specific one for your 68, we do offer the 67 version which will be the same for your 462. I highly recommend that you purchase a Shop Manual in addition, as these manuals pay for themselves in a short period of time. I hope that the above helps and If we can assist you further please do not hesitate to contact us at here at Lincoln Land.



June 17, 2011

1978 Town Car Dash Light And Head Lamp Door Issues

Hey Bill,

I have a couple minor problems with my 1978, but the two I am most concerned with is one, I have no dash lights and the a/c-heat switches don't illuminate either. The gauges work fine just not the lights. I've checked the fuses and they are fine. Haven't checked the bulbs but I figured if it was the bulbs in the dash then the a/c-heat switches should still illuminate as well.

My second question is for some reason, when I shut the vehicle off the head light flaps close but when I start the car or turn the ignition on the headlight covers open up even when the lights are off, almost as if something is wired backwards or maybe something with the vacuum? Not sure its been this way since I've bought it which is approaching two years ago and I am not fixing the minor details. I would appreciate your help, thank you for your time.



Hi Nick -

The seventies Lincolns had some very modern up to date lighting systems available for their owners. You don't tell us if your Lincoln has the optional "Autolamp" option or not. Autolamp is an automatic lighting option that turns the headlights, park lights and instrument lighting on at dusk and off at dawn. It is explained in your owners manual and the Shop Manual. The Shop Manual also explains the procedures to properly diagnose the systems. In any case it would be better for you to start the process with the Autolamp feature in the "off" position as the power for the dash lights originates from the Headlamp switch and its dimmer rheostat coil. We have previously posted some Headlight and Autolamp diagnostic ideas on our blog and George will reprint these or post the links here for you to read.

We are not sure if you intend to perform these diagnostic tests yourself Nick, but it would be well advised for you or your mechanic to do so with the proper wiring diagram and at least a good 12 volt test light on hand. At Lincoln Land we do these tests with the Shop Manual at our side. These manuals can save a lot of time and money.

I do hope that the above helps to guide you to a quick repair. If you need any further advice or literature etc. or if you would like us to test any of your lighting components for you here at Lincoln Land please do not hesitate to contact us further.



P.S. Here are a few links to previous posts - you can always use the Search Function on Bill's Corner to find previous posts on a given topic - George @ Lincoln Land




June 14, 2011

1963 Continenal Vapor Lock

Hi Bill,

I just read this Bill's Corner blog article and the problem described sounds familiar to me:


My problem is that when cold, my '63 Continental Convertible starts fine; but after parking it for a while, it won't restart until the engine is fully cooled again.

My fuel pump was replaced a few years ago (the invoice shows an "FP 6848" as the part) and it is missing the heat shield as described in the blog post.

It is also missing a return vapor line to the fuel tank - only 2 of the 3 hoses are connected.

(I've attached a photo of the fuel pump in the engine compartment for reference)

I'm wondering whether I should:
1) order the parts necessary to install a return vapor line (I have no vapor discharge valve)
2) order a heat shield (though the screw positions don't look like they'd match the aftermarket pump I currently have installed)
3) order a whole new pump and
4) or something else?
Your advice is much appreciated!

C.Y. Lee
1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible


Hello C.Y. -

Is your engine cranking o/k when hot? If not the starter and battery circuits must be checked and brought up to par. If the engine cranks fine while hot or warm but will not start then some basic tune up items need to be inspected (during the non start event). A fuel pressure and flow test should be performed and corrected as required as well as a complete ignition system inspection and tune up may be in order. An ignition system that has not been "tuned up" for some time will certainly cause hot start problems.

All of the fuel lines and hose problems should of course be restored as you are suggesting but your problem should be diagnosed properly in a logical order as described above. This will prevent unnecessary replacement of parts and extra expense. Your issues could well involve some of the items as indicated in your Lincoln Land Blog link but correct diagnosis is half the battle. I hope that the above gets you started in the right direction. We are available for further advice or any parts that you might need for your repair.



June 9, 2011

1969 Mark III Right Hand Mirror

Dear Bill,

I have a '69 Mk III that has a right side remote mirror. I sent off for a Marti report on the vehicle and it didn't turn up on the option list as they said it was not even available from Ford, nor was it included on the original invoice for the vehicle.

The right side mirror assembly looks identical to the left side mirror assembly on my vehicle, only shaped differently. A left side mirror assembly could not have been mounted on the right side since it does not have the same unique mirror housing shape and angled mounting base.

For the Mark III's, the mirror base sculpturing is a continuation of the upper side chrome trim molding that runs the entire length of the vehicle. The chrome fender trim on both sides of my vehicle has been manufactured (not cut) to accommodate both mirror bases.

Both mirror assemblies on my vehicle look to be the same age and are identical to one another as far as fading, pitting and general chrome condition.

A remote knob is installed on the right side armrest exactly in appearance and location as the remote knob on the left side armrest. The car is black with the gray interior and the right side remote knob assembly looks identical to the factory installed one on the left side armrest, not added.

If it was not an available option, then somebody manufactured a uniquely designed mirror housing, base, upper trim molding and remote knob with cable for the right side of that car only. If it was not originally invoiced but available as an option, then I suspect that the right side door had been replaced with one that came with the mirror and a gray door panel/armrest at some point in the past, although it sure does look like the original door.

Could you shed a little light on this mystery?

Thank you for your time,



Hi Darren -

The right hand remote control mirror on the 1969 Mark III was indeed an option. Chris Dunn has advised me that he has seen it shown in the Dealer order catalogs. It was probably an item that was not overly promoted by Ford or the dealer sales people. This happens to some good factory options from time to time. The right hand remote mirror is a very desirable option to have on your Mark.

Al at Lincoln Land also reminded me that the left hand mirror can be dissassembled and reconfigured to serve as a right hand mirror. Many have done this and they work very well. If your mirror bodies are cast as solid left and right as you have stated please send us pictures and we will identify these for you. Enjoy your nice Mark III this summer.



June 6, 2011

1957 Mark Brake Vacuum Noise

From time I purchased this car a loud air noise occurs when applying the brakes. The car drives and runs, under all conditions beautifully including stopping. Is this a problem that historically occurs in the booster at some point while not impacting brake functioning, and what might be the fix? My thanks to you and your great service to all of us.



Hi Bob -

We are pleased that you are enjoying the forum as well as your lovely Mark II. The noise that you are describing sounds to me like a vacuum leak within the Bendix Treadlevac booster as it occurs according to your description only during brake application. Among several other suspect parts inside this booster there is a rubber vacuum hose that can expand or rupture and cause this hissing ( this has happened previously with my 54 Capri ). Not knowing the maintenance history of your car though the possibility also exists of course that perhaps the booster and cylinder assembly may be overdue for a general inspection and overhaul. We can if you wish make arrangements to do this for you or have it done for you from Lincoln Land. If you have no access to this service locally please contact us and deal with George or Chris as they are aware of your issue.

I hope that the above helps you to a speedy repair.