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Questions On Removing Trim On A 1973 Continental

Hi Bill,

My name is Steve. I want to have my '73 Lincoln Continental repainted ,and I'm removing all the chromed stuff from the exterior. I'm struggling with the headlight covers and the "CONTINENTAL" letters on the front. The book does not mention how to remove them.I could use a little help.

Thanks for all that you're doing for us, Lincoln fans here on this site.



Hi Steve,

If the book that you are referring to is the owners manual, it will not show how the various mouldings are attached. The Factory maintenance manual however shows how most of the mouldings and scripts are attached. This is shown on page 47-02-01 of the volume 4 body manual. The Mark IV is also shown.

The "letters" are attached with barrel clips in the header panel. The headlamp doors are removed by unscrewing the two hex nuts on the pivot arms of the doors, once removed, they should pull straight out.

If you are in need of the proper manuals for your car, we can arrange for a set to be sent out to you. The correct manuals usually pay for themselves during the first repair.