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1987 Town Car Cutting Off While Running

Hi, Bill -

I have a 1987 Lincoln Town Car I have changed the water pump, starter, fuel pump, fuel filter, and the battery. I can drive it only for 30 minutes, and it will cut off on me but when I first got last year it never did. I really need your professional help because I do not want to sell it.



Hi Bret -

This is not an uncommon problem for us, but of course it is quite troublesome when it occurs to you on the road. Not knowing all of the details in your case though I can offer the following based on our experiences at Lincoln Land.

The sudden shut off of the engine is usually caused by a failed electronic ignition component at or inside the distributor. The electronic ignition that was used on your era of Lincoln is an excellent design but age and use causes these components to eventually break down.

George Miller here at Lincoln Land has also offered that he had a similar problem with his that proved to be caused by the ignition switch itself.

Another possibility to consider is a sudden and intermittent fuel delivery loss that is caused by a failing fuel pump, or its electrical circuit.

In any case and in the interest of time and frustration, the system has a problem that needs to be diagnosed properly by a competent experienced technician at a local "automotive tune up shop" so that only the faulty part is replaced. I hope that the above helps you on the path to a speedy repair.