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1971 Mark III Aftermarket Carburetor Issues

Hello Bill -
I have a 1971 Mark III, when I purchased it, it had a Edelbrock carburetor on it and a spacer plate that looked like maybe it came from a t bird (aluminum with a rear tube and coolant pipe tube running through it on the right side). I purchased a 4300 carburetor and want the OEM spacer that belongs on the car now with the correct gaskets on top and below the spacer, a stud kit and stud for carburetor with correct wingnut. It looks like the OEM spacer was in the trunk but with a broken nipple end on the rear, this one was not aluminum and with just one nipple in the middle rear. I am guessing this is the correct setup, the nipple in the rear of the spacer is for the PCV valve hose is it not? Would it be the same if you connected the PCV valve hose to the nipple in the rear of the auto lite 4300 carburetor? If not what is the original set up for these fittings? I really would like a vacuum diagram for the engine compartment on this car the Ford-Lincoln manual I have really doesn't show vacuum routing diagrams on this 460 any way these parts I mentioned would help out great and also the choke heating tube gasket the tubes that come out of the assembly on the outside that are bolted to the intake manifold are two pipes that are broken off or cut at about 4 inches long. The pipe that is inside the manifold is fine and in good condition and I'm guessing one goes to the choke connector and the other one goes to the under side of the air filter assembly correct me if I'm wrong and I would like to know if this car or carburetor 4300 came with a dashpot for anti stalling I'm not sure on that either. I am a auto and truck mechanic just not a Lincoln Mark III mechanic LOL if that matters . Thanks so much for your time in advance.



Hi Paul -

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your 71 Mark purchase. At Lincoln Land we see these carburetion modifications from time to time, but we don't really endorse them to any extent because of their inconclusive success history regarding gas mileage and or performance satisfaction etc. Almost all of our customers because of the nature of the Lincoln automobile hobby prefer to restore or maintain their vehicles to original.

At the present time, we do not have a car that we can photograph the details of the engine topside for you. If you have the Ford shop manuals you have the same information that we have. I can confirm that the original carburetor was a Ford 4300 and that it did have an anti-stall dash pot at the left front mounting stud. If you would like to send us some pictures of what you presently have on your engine and/or would like to discuss acquiring the original carburetion and emission parts, please contact us further and mention your blog inquiry as a reference.