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1979 Town Coupe Power Window And Locks Issues

Bill -

I just purchased this car and the power door locks and windows do not work. Finding it hard to believe that all the motors went at once, I ordered a new safety relay. Fuses were good and other items on the circuit work (such as power trunk). I installed the relay and once I plugged it in it clicked telling me it is energized. At the drivers door there is power at the switch. Where do I go from here?



Hi Bill -

Congratulations on your recent purchase. These 79 Town Cars are great luxury cars and usually provide years of premium service ......if they are maintained. If however they are not maintained when problems arise these problems only add up and need to be dealt with eventually. From your description, it appears that your window and door lock failures probably occurred not all at once but slowly over a period of time.

I would initially approach both the window problem and the power door lock problem from the driver's door switches with the CORRECT wiring diagram and a Test Light. You will be tracing the Power path for each outage to determine if a switch, motor or solenoid is at fault. Proper diagnosis is imperative. Common failures of these two accessories are as follows: any wiring, switches, window motors and gears and door lock solenoids.

We hope that this will help get you started and if you do need any manuals or parts etc., for your Lincoln, do not hesitate to contact us further.


Bill -