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1968 Continental Engine Questions

Hey Bill,

I was curious if you could help me out.

I have a 460 7.5L engine in my 1968 Lincoln Continental. The issue is, when I try to start it up it barely turns over. When it does try to turn over it blows white smoke out of the carburetor.

I can't figure it out. I changed the spark plugs and wires, checked the distributor cap and rotor and its fine. Any other ideas you might have?




Hi Chris -

Welcome to the Lincoln Land blog. I am confident that we can help you out but first we would need some further information. When an engine is not starting at all it is important for us to know how long that it has been since it last ran and also what was the running condition when it was last running.

In any case, in order for an engine to start it requires a proper fuel and air mixture, a good strong spark at the exact time to the correct cylinder along with reasonable compression and a good strong battery and starter. Without knowing the answers regarding the above and the history of your engine it would be difficult to pinpoint your problem but I can offer the following possibilities ...... Poor or no fuel delivery at all to the carburetor, old deteriorated fuel that will not ignite, inoperative choke, or your tune up adjustments such as firing order, etc. may be out of adjustment in addition to any of the above. The timing chain could have slipped a tooth or two rendering proper timing impossible. Any one or more of the above will contribute to a "non start condition" and I do hope that your problem turns out to be an easy to correct repair for you. If the above possibilities do not help, please supply us with more information as described above and we may be able help further to diagnose your problem.