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February 22, 2011

1968 Continental Engine Questions

Hey Bill,

I was curious if you could help me out.

I have a 460 7.5L engine in my 1968 Lincoln Continental. The issue is, when I try to start it up it barely turns over. When it does try to turn over it blows white smoke out of the carburetor.

I can't figure it out. I changed the spark plugs and wires, checked the distributor cap and rotor and its fine. Any other ideas you might have?




Hi Chris -

Welcome to the Lincoln Land blog. I am confident that we can help you out but first we would need some further information. When an engine is not starting at all it is important for us to know how long that it has been since it last ran and also what was the running condition when it was last running.

In any case, in order for an engine to start it requires a proper fuel and air mixture, a good strong spark at the exact time to the correct cylinder along with reasonable compression and a good strong battery and starter. Without knowing the answers regarding the above and the history of your engine it would be difficult to pinpoint your problem but I can offer the following possibilities ...... Poor or no fuel delivery at all to the carburetor, old deteriorated fuel that will not ignite, inoperative choke, or your tune up adjustments such as firing order, etc. may be out of adjustment in addition to any of the above. The timing chain could have slipped a tooth or two rendering proper timing impossible. Any one or more of the above will contribute to a "non start condition" and I do hope that your problem turns out to be an easy to correct repair for you. If the above possibilities do not help, please supply us with more information as described above and we may be able help further to diagnose your problem.


February 11, 2011

1979 Mark V Issues

Hi Bill,

From browsing your blog, it seems like you are as close to an expert on Lincoln's as can be. recently I bought a 1979 Mark V. The driver's door lock is frozen and the key will not turn it. The knob inside will lock the door however. My thinking is it's the cylinder. The question I have is with that light thing on the outside of the door that's supposed to light the keyhole at night. I have the interior panel off but am reluctant to try to take the lock cylinder out as i cannot see how its connected or works with that light. Is the cylinder attached to the light or is this a special cylinder that has the light built into it? The previous owner left the shop manual and it tells how to take out a conventional lock cylinder, but it makes no mention of the light.

Also, another problem you might be able to point me in the right direction on is when either car door is opened, I hear a soft clicking every few seconds, I noticed the knob on the seat back jiggles with each click. Do you have any idea what this is all about? Seems like a lot of people on your blog have electrical problems with their Lincolns. Hopefully you will have come across these couple I have here. Well, I would appreciate you emailing me any info you may have on the above things.




Robert -

I have consulted with our technicians regarding your problems and have found out the following. The lighted door lock cylinder assembly is removed in the same manner as a conventional non lighted one (as your manual describes) but with the addition that you must disconnect the electrical connector at the unit. Therefore, if you have determined that the cylinder has become seized and that the key that you have used is correct for the ignition cylinder and the other door cylinder then you should remove it and have a locksmith repair it for that key.

The cycling action of your seat back release solenoids has historically proven to us to be caused possibly by faulty solenoids. However if both sides are cycling when their door is opened I would test for a voltage drop in the system at the battery or any relay or switch involved. Our technician also has advised me that the Shop Manual describes the test procedure for these Automatic Seat Back release systems. Your manual if it is the correct FoMoCo shop manual should also show this for you. If you need any further info. etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.



February 8, 2011

1979 Town Coupe Power Window And Locks Issues

Bill -

I just purchased this car and the power door locks and windows do not work. Finding it hard to believe that all the motors went at once, I ordered a new safety relay. Fuses were good and other items on the circuit work (such as power trunk). I installed the relay and once I plugged it in it clicked telling me it is energized. At the drivers door there is power at the switch. Where do I go from here?



Hi Bill -

Congratulations on your recent purchase. These 79 Town Cars are great luxury cars and usually provide years of premium service ......if they are maintained. If however they are not maintained when problems arise these problems only add up and need to be dealt with eventually. From your description, it appears that your window and door lock failures probably occurred not all at once but slowly over a period of time.

I would initially approach both the window problem and the power door lock problem from the driver's door switches with the CORRECT wiring diagram and a Test Light. You will be tracing the Power path for each outage to determine if a switch, motor or solenoid is at fault. Proper diagnosis is imperative. Common failures of these two accessories are as follows: any wiring, switches, window motors and gears and door lock solenoids.

We hope that this will help get you started and if you do need any manuals or parts etc., for your Lincoln, do not hesitate to contact us further.


Bill -