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1989 Town Car AC-Heat Concerns


I'd appreciate any ideas re: A/C cooling O.K. Heating on at any position and we get steam in the car. In the VENT position if the control is in the cool area we get cool air coming in. If it's in the warm or hot position we get hot air.

Have a diagram for the vacuum hook up??




Hello Gary -

Steam in the vehicle from the AC / Heater unit is almost always an indication of a leaking Heater Core or its immediate tubing. The leaking coolant is evaporated as the air passes through the core and then distributed into the vehicle from the AC vents, the floor ducts or the defrost ducts as a vapor. Only a small tiny leak can produce this effect and you may not even notice a drop in the vehicles coolant level. A new heater core is the answer for this problem. The vacuum diagram and all of the procedures are shown in the necessary Shop Manual. We are posting the AC / Heat vacuum schematic for your convenience. If you need any further assistance such as parts or manuals etc., please contact us at any time.