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1979 Mark Back Up Light Access

Bill -

Just purchased a '79 Mark V from one of your customers. Car was shipped and received the other day. However, I noticed that the back-up lights are not operating. Please advise how to gain access to change those bulbs. (I purchased bulbs, just need info to gain access.)

Thanks -



Greetings Jerry -

Both Back Up Light bulbs being burnt out can be a possibility and I will ask George to publish a picture and information on their replacement (as I am currently on route to Florida). My first test however would be to check for available power to the bulbs at the rear of the car with the possibility of a faulty Back Up Light switch or a maladjusted switch in mind. This also is a possibility and this sw. is located under the dash on the steering column. Good Luck on the repair but if replacing the bulbs does not correct your problem Jerry a proper test of the Back Up Light circuit may be in your future.



Jerry -

Here's the illustration from the Shop Manual, it doesn't show it that well - but you will find flaps on the back side of the bumper. Lift them up to access the sockets which will twist out......

George @ Lincoln Land, Inc.

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