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October 29, 2010

1979 Mark Back Up Light Access

Bill -

Just purchased a '79 Mark V from one of your customers. Car was shipped and received the other day. However, I noticed that the back-up lights are not operating. Please advise how to gain access to change those bulbs. (I purchased bulbs, just need info to gain access.)

Thanks -



Greetings Jerry -

Both Back Up Light bulbs being burnt out can be a possibility and I will ask George to publish a picture and information on their replacement (as I am currently on route to Florida). My first test however would be to check for available power to the bulbs at the rear of the car with the possibility of a faulty Back Up Light switch or a maladjusted switch in mind. This also is a possibility and this sw. is located under the dash on the steering column. Good Luck on the repair but if replacing the bulbs does not correct your problem Jerry a proper test of the Back Up Light circuit may be in your future.



Jerry -

Here's the illustration from the Shop Manual, it doesn't show it that well - but you will find flaps on the back side of the bumper. Lift them up to access the sockets which will twist out......

George @ Lincoln Land, Inc.

mk back up.gif

1979 Mark V Stalling Issue

Hi Bill,

I just stumbled across your site while searching for information on a problem I am having.

I purchased this vehicle about 2 years ago mainly as a car to store and drive occasionally. The last three times I have had it out I had a problem, after it runs for 15-30 minutes it just shuts off. I can crank it and nothing happens. My mechanic told me there was a problem with the California emissions on the car so he disconnected it and it was supposed to be fixed. Well I had it out today and about 30 min into my drive it stalled out again, same problem.

After my mechanic came and looked at it he said there was a problem with some small part located right next to the ignition box on the driver's side fender well under the hood. He couldn't find out what the part even was but swore it had to do with the California emissions but that he couldn't find any part number for it or anything. His suggestion is to change out the ignition box for a new Mallory distributor the cost of which is about $330, I was hoping with your experience on these cars you might have a different solution.




Hello Sean,

The condition that you describe is not uncommon with the electronic ignition systems of that era and the yes any of these electronic parts could be your problem. Although the system is excellent, the vehicle is over 30 years old and is probably overdue for some service. Under the hood there is indeed a unit known as the Ignition Module. It operates in harmony with other electronic items that are located inside of the distributor cap. Replacing parts without testing may result in success or could be costly if you end up with the same problem if the parts that are replaced are NOT defective. Another difficulty is that many of these quality original parts are now obsolete from Ford. If you would like to receive a complete set of manuals for your Mark V (recommended), contact us at any time. I hope the above helps you to a fast repair.



October 19, 2010

2000 Town Car Radio - Compass Issues

Hello Bill,

I have recently purchased a 2000 Lincoln Town Car in good condition.

Recently the radio / compass quit working (radio stopped playing - display goes out for clock and compass). Upon a check of the 5A fuse for the radio, I removed the fuse from the fuse box and checked the fuse - not blown - I re-inserted the fuse and the radio started working.

Later the radio / compass stopped working again - the display for the clock / compass goes away - if I push the fuse box under the dash, the radio / compass will start working - display comes back up again. Also the radio does not lose power because the preset radio stations remain as well as the clock. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?

Thanks for your blog and advice,



Hi Steve -

From your statement "If I push the fuse box under the dash the radio/compass will start working" is the key to your problem and the repair in my opinion. If the fuse contacts and the fuse itself are ok the radio fuse wiring in and around the fuse box that "moves" when you push it needs to be very carefully examined. This could be a poorly connected wire or a faulty wire behind the fuse panel that originated at the factory in 2000 and is only now appearing years later. It would not hurt to replace the fuse also in case the fuse is faulty internally. When you have an intermittent connection such as this, it is the same as turning the radio off. The memory in the radio is retained because there is a separate 12v supply at all times to the radio for the station memory and the clock. Again Steve, that point that you push at the fuse box tells me that a bad contact is lurking somewhere at that location. I hope the above helps you find it quickly. I'm intrigued with this problem so please keep us posted on this one.