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79 Town Coupe Interior Light Update #1

Hi Bill -

Really enjoy the blog!

In regards to the 79 Town Coupe with the interior lights staying on.

I had a 1979 Mark V Cartier that I loved, but one day after I locked the car and started to go in the house, I noticed my interior lights would not turn off! I checked the headlight switch out, thinking I may have accidentally turned the knob, but had not. I even ended up taking it to our local Lincoln Mercury dealer several times. They ran tests, and went through the entire electrical system and the problem persisted. The lights had to be disconnected and the cause of the problem was never found, even after a trip to another garage that specialized in electrical problems!

I was telling a fellow car enthusiast about my frustrating situation and he offered to buy the car, as he did not care that the interior lights no longer functioned. I sold it, but miss it! Fortunately, have not had that problem with my 80s Town Cars. Good luck to Dale in finding the problem and fixing his Town Coupe. If the problem is found, please post it on your blog-still curious. Take care and hello to Sandy, John and Al.