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1979 Town Coupe Issues After Jump Starting (???)


At 68 I own a '79 Town Coupe, which I Enjoy... But.... According to the Manual I screwed up Big Time.

I don't recall having a Battery Issue, but when I went to Fill'er up with gas it wouldn't start, Hmmmmm.

As I am on Oxygen and don't have a Cell phone, I started into the Store to call AAA as I figured the battery just needed to be Jumped.

An Off Road P/U came to my aid and tried jumping Battery to Battery.......... According to Manual..... a No No. Positive to positive Negative (on jumping battery) to solid ground (motor, etc.) of vehicle being jumped..........

As a result, issue's have arisen: Over head (Interior) Light Stay's On : Floor Kick panel light's stay on ; 4-Way's don't work But Turn Signal's are Ok...... All the Fuse's have been checked....... all ok.......

My Question......... Now What ????????

I Thank You for any assistance through suggestion's that You may have.

Las Vegas


Hello Dale -

Sorry to hear that you are having electrical problems. When jump starting a vehicle, it is preferred to attach the negative cable to a definite solid ground on the vehicle in distress. This procedure is much more important of course on cars that have a computer and other sophisticated devices. In my opinion the battery to battery method should not have caused the problems on your Lincoln as you describe.

The interior lights staying on problem sounds as if the headlamp switch control knob has been rotated counter clockwise so as to engage the courtesy lights manually. I would check this first.

The four way flasher problem could very well be a faulty 4 way flasher module itself or a faulty 4 way switch at the turn signal control. Both of these are described in the Shop Manual and are not difficult to check out.

Again Dale I have never heard of these types of problems occurring because of the way that your car was "jump started". I hope that the above suggestions will help you to correct your present Lincoln problems.