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1971 Mark III Concerns And Questions

Hello Bill,

I recently bought a 1971 Lincoln Mark 3. I bought it in great condition. I'm the furthest thing from a mechanic so I took it to a local classic car shop to have it looked over for issues. They said the car was in excellent condition but recommended I do the following:

A. IDLE AND CARB TUNE AND ADJUST-----------------$225.00
B. REAR WHEEL SEALS LEAKING-------------------------$350.00
2. SHIFT SHAFT SEAL----------$275.00
D. OIL PAN GASKET LEAKING-----------------------------$495.00
E. POWER STEERING PUMP LEAKING-------------------$295.00
F. WINDOWS INOP 1.RIGHT FRONT----------------------$185.00
2. RIGHT REAR---------------------------$185.00
3. LEFT REAR-----------------------------$185.00
G. MISC PARTS AND SUPPLIES-----------------------------$100.00

Once the repairs were done, everything began going wrong with the car. It now runs like crap and leaks worse than it did before. Now, a 'SURE-TRAC' light is on and they claim its just a electrical issue, but the brakes feel spongy. Once over 60 mph the car begins to overheat. Do you have any advice on how to fix the overheating and sure-trac light?






Greetings Raheem -

Those Mark IIIs sure are a great looking car and a good choice as a collector car. Both of your problems are standard procedure repair items that are common to all cars. Although you don't elaborate too much on the symptoms I can offer the following.

The illuminated Sure Trac light is generally an indication of an upset in the front to rear brake pressure due to loss of hydraulic brake fluid in the front or rear brakes. It can also be caused by a failed master cylinder that is by-passing internally. Again, the light is reporting a problem to you. After the repair is made the system needs to be bled to center the valve that turns the light on. If the vehicle was purchased with this brake warning light already on, it is possible that a previous repair was made and the system was not bled. The spongy brake pedal feel tells me however that a problem still exists. In any case a good brake mechanic will be aware of the correct procedures.

I do not know the condition of your cooling system or all of the conditions in which your car overheats therefore I will list the common problems as follows:

low on coolant
radiator plugged
thermostat seized in the closed position
cooling shroud missing
incorrect fan blade
faulty fan clutch
incorrect temperature gauge reading
engine coolant passages plugged
rad cap failed

I hope the above will give you some insight into what needs to be inspected to correct your problems. I also understand your situation when you state that "you are the furthest thing from a mechanic". In your case a set of proper 1971 Shop Manuals would be a real plus in the form as a time and labor saver for anyone who is working on your car. Whenever you drop your car off at a shop, the manuals can be made available for the mechanic to use. If you do require any parts or Manuals please contact us at any time and Good Luck.