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Mildew On 1979 Mark V Vinyl Roof

Hi Bill -

What can I use to get the mildew off my 1979 Mark 5 Cartier top?

Chuck in North Carolina


Hi Chuck -

This type of damage to a vinyl top can really take away some of the beauty from these beautiful cars. You have probably tried some household cleaners already with limited success therefore I think that the best advice for you is as follows. Because we don't know the extent of the penetration of the mildew or mould damage into the actual depth of the vinyl I would show it to an experienced automotive upholsterer in your area. He will have seen such problems before and may be able to recommend an ideal product that works best in the environment that your car was in. Failing that, you can check on line and see if any specialty products are available that may suite your needs. Keep in mind though that you may be able to remedy only a partial portion of the damage or you may possibly find out that a new complete vinyl top will be the only answer. If you could possibly send us some photos we may be able to assess the problem better and render further advice. In any case we wish you good luck and please let us know how this turns out for you.