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1963 Rear Main Leaking After Rebuild

Hi Bill -

I started working on the 63 Lincoln a little while ago, and I took the engine into the machine shop and had it machined .030 over and had them assemble the rotating assembly. I got it back put it back in, and the rear main was leaking. I took it back in to the machine shop and he replaced the rope seal with a two part rear main. I put it back in and it's leaking again. What is he doing wrong? What can I do when I put it in the third time to do it right?



Greetings Kendall -

Some projects do turn out to be much more problematic than we expect. Your project on your 63 engine appears to be one of these. You ask the question "what is he doing wrong"?. There really is no way for us to know what the machine shop is doing wrong or not doing wrong without us actually examining the engine on site and knowing more specific history details of the engine.

In all fairness to you Kendall what usually happens in a case such as this is that the machine shop is notified by you that the engine still continues to leak after two attempts to seal the leak at the rear main. The owner or service manager of the shop (I assume the shop is reputable) becomes interested and asks that you bring the car to them so that they can observe the leak first hand and diagnose the problem. At this point they may see that it is indeed the rear main then proceed to disassemble and correct it at their shop or they advise you and show you that the leak is actually originating from another location that they cannot be responsible for. All of the above is good and fair business practice and normally results in success and satisfaction for both parties. I do hope that the above helps to resolve the issues on your 63 Lincoln and if we can help you further in the future please be sure to contact us here at Lincoln Land.