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Memories of the old '61 Continental....

Mr. Bill -

I've got a question for you. When I was a kid in the 1960s we had a 1961 Continental Sedan in Saxon Green and I was wondering if that was the only year that they offered that color? The interior was matching green leather with the walnut trim on the doors and steering wheel. I have not seen one since then....

Great website....I was at your place back in 1992. I think you have grown a little since then. My interest in the Lincolns predates yours as the first one I remember we had was a 1953 Capri and what a complete change they made within 10 years!

Keep it up.

Laguna Woods, California


Greetings Doug -

You're correct in stating Saxon Green was a rare color.... and only offered by Lincoln in the 1961 model year.

We just sold a convertible last year with the exact combination that you have described,
And we've posted a photo, as well as the original Lincoln factory samples.

61 redone 2.gif



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