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78 Town Coupe Vinyl Roof Questions

Hi Bill,

I have just got myself a 78 Town Coupe with only 30 Kilometers on the clock (has been in England since 1979), and the seller said it is unusual as it was ordered from new with no vinyl on the roof, is that correct?

Thanks in advance -

Dave in the UK


Welcome Dave -

Welcome to the world of the Lincoln hobby and Lincoln Land. The vinyl top treatments were typically standard equipment on Lincolns and other cars of that era. They were considered the "in" thing to have such as wheel covers and whitewall tires etc. However the Dealer's factory order forms normally included an option called Vinyl Top Delete. When this box was checked off at the time of the ordering process the top was finished without the vinyl roof treatment and the customer usually received a credit on the price of the vehicle.

The discussion regarding this delete option was in most cases brought up at time of sale by the customer as probably 99.9 % were ordered with the standard vinyl roof. So the answer to your question is yes, your Lincoln may indeed have been built without the vinyl top. However, be advised that some vinyl tops were removed by some owners at a later date because of severe corrosion to the metal under the vinyl, or decomposition of the vinyl top itself. A good body man in your area will able to advise you if yours was removed, or is all original as the seller says.

In any case I am sure that you will enjoy your Lincoln and any time that you may require any parts or manuals etc., be sure to visit our vast website or give us a call. We will be happy to arrange quick delivery to you at any time.