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Issues Locating Fuses In Europe

Hi Bill -

Can you tell me something about the fuses a 1971 Mark 3 use? I have some bad fuses and I want to change them out, but now it seems that they do not sell the fuses here in The Netherlands. I am talking about the shorter ones used for example for the Turn Signals, Low Fuel Warning, etc. There is also one fuse a little bit bigger and that's the (20 AMP) for Rear Reading Lights, Map Lamp, etc. I hope you can tell me the Fuse names or ordering codes, so I can look for them online. I hope to here from you soon.

Best regards,



Greetings Ray -

That must be frustrating for you. I would think that something as small as a fuse should be easy to obtain. We don't have any problem here at Lincoln Land with fuses, and I can't think of any special names or ordering codes for them but I do have an idea.

Why not call, or e-mail George R. Miller here at Lincoln Land (email: georgermillerll@att.net) - and I am sure that he will be pleased to put together a special complete package of 1971 Mark III fuses and send them to you. Ask him to include 8 or 12 each of the popular ones so that you have enough spares. Fuses are light in weight, so the cost of mailing or shipping should be reasonable. Also at this time if you have any other needs for your Mark III, George can look after them for you as well.