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2000 LS Cranking Issues

Hi Bill -

My 2000 Lincoln LS just cut off on me one day. I cranked it up and turned out of the parking lot and my car just shut down. It now sound like my car is trying to crank up, but wont crank up all the way. I took it to three different shops and got three different answers. One man said I needed a new wiring harness. Another one said that my harness was good, but my computer system is messed up. The last one said my computer system is just fine but my timing chain was gone with two bad valves. Can you please tell my anything about what you think may be wrong with my car.




Hello Shawnte,

Ah Yes, Car ownership can be frustrating. The problem that you describe also shows up in the many Lincoln Town Cars that we service here at Lincoln Land and in many cases it turns out to be a failing Crankshaft Position Sensor or CPS. Unfortunately though we do not see many Lincoln LS vehicles here in our shop and therefore I am not going to do you wrong by making a specific guess. I believe that in your case you should visit the largest Lincoln dealer in your immediate area and speak to the Service Manager or the Shop Foreman only. State your problem (show him this e-mail) and ask him if he has a Technician with LS experience. A good technician with the proper experience will be able to locate your problem and repair it in short order and will save you much time and money in the long run. Leave your LS for repair only at a Ford or Lincoln dealer or a trusted shop that actually has LS experience. I hope the above advice will lead you to a quick repair. Please let us know how it all turns out.