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1965 Exhaust Smell

Hi Bill,

I recently bought a '65 Continental Convertible in fair condition. I am new to owning older cars like this and I am afraid my wife won't go near this thing because of the smell from the exhaust.

Mechanics report that the current exhaust system is working fine, but I can tell it is getting towards replacement soon anyway.

What is the best route to go to reducing fumes and emissions from these cars?




Hi Brent -

Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the Lincoln side of the old car hobby. Because neither of us knows the condition of your engine I can offer several hopefully logical suggestions.

Your question is regarding fumes and emissions so therefore a competent technician should be allowed to completely evaluate your engines condition. This should include a complete tune up in all respects along with a report of the engine's general condition regarding compression and oil pressure etc., as well as whether the valve stem seals may possibly need replacing (blue exhaust smoke).

The positive crankcase ventilation system (PCV) should also be inspected and serviced as necessary as per the 1965 Lincoln Shop Manual, and of course all oil and coolant leaks should be attended to as well as they are a common source of smoke, and or fumes, etc.

I also cannot stress strongly enough that the Shop Manual is a must for you and can pay for itself many times over in the long run. All of the above should be a good place for you to start and may lead to some pleasant cruising for you and your wife. If you do decide on the Manual or need any necessary parts for your Lincoln we are always at the ready to quickly look after your requirements.