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The Old Grind

Hi Bill,

I have a 1961 Lincoln Continental. I was having issues with the Fuel Pump, so I went through and changed the Fuel Pump, Pushrod, Fuel Filter, and all of the soft lines under the hood. It started right up with no problems. I drove it around for a few days, and everything worked fine.

My issue is after a couple days my battery managed to die, because my parking lights did not shut off. So I say, "I'll just charge my battery and everything will be OK" . Well, that's not the case. Upon trying to start the car with a fully charged battery, I hear a really loud grinding noise, and the car won't start. The grinding is so loud, it hurts ME to hear it. The starter is brand new and for the correct year. Any Ideas on what went wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated!


Santa Clara, CA


Hi Emanuel -

Yes...... Sometimes the car hobby can really be a Grind. It is hard to tell from your E-mail if the noise is from the starter drive trying to engage to a bad ring gear on the flywheel or if the starter is actually cranking the engine and it is trying to start. Also, a battery that is only partly charged can cause the starter solenoid to buzz. Some noises are hard to describe to another person and so a buzz could described as a grind or a mash etc. Even though you are saying that the starter is new and the battery is in fact fully charged there is obviously something wrong. Because I can't be sure of the actual condition of the battery I would remove it and take it to a trusted auto parts store and have them evaluate it with their test equipment. After you are absolutely sure of the battery and the engine still emits a terrible noise as you describe during starting, you will need to determine if it is coming from the starter. If it is, the starter will need to be removed and inspected (new or rebuilt parts do fail). At this time the ring gear can also be seen and inspected with the starter removed. Keep us posted and contact us further if you do not find the problem.