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72 Mark IV Sure-Track Concerns

I am considering purchasing a '72 Mark IV that I test drove today from a local dealer. It has an issue that I would like some information about, though. The "Sure-Track" light is on in the instrument cluster.....I understand that it is brake related, but what would cause the light to be on, the brakes seemed to work pretty well.


Tom C.


Hi Tom,

That light usually illuminates because of a hydraulic pressure differential between the front and rear brakes and could indicate a leak or a bad master cylinder. To prove that this switch is in fact turning on the warning light because of a problem you can unplug the wiring at the switch and observe if the light remains on.

The switch and wires should be easily seen under the master cylinder in the brake line. If the light goes out, it may be indicative of a brake problem or that the switch is sticking after a previous repair. If the light remains on, you could be experiencing a problem with Sure Track module itself.

Brake procedures and warning light operations are outlined in the shop manual. If you need further information, parts or manuals please contact us at any time. Good luck.